Shima Tadayyoni

Hi, I'm Shima, a UX designer with a passion for creating engaging and intuitive user experiences. With over 3 years of experience, I bring a unique perspective to my design approach, allowing me to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of both users and businesses. Let's work together to create something amazing.

  • Live in Vancouver\Canada
  • Experience 3+ Years
About Me

As a UX professional with a background in law, I bring a unique perspective to my work that helps me deliver innovative solutions. My experience in analyzing complex problems, interpreting data, and communicating effectively with a diverse audience, acquired through my legal training, has proven to be invaluable in UX design. Currently, I am working on a  Canadian government website project where I am using my skills in research, analysis, and interpretation to create an intuitive and user-friendly digital experience for citizens. My passion for crafting engaging user experiences is what drives me to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry, and to constantly improve my skills as a designer.

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My Resume

To learn more about my skills and qualifications, please refer to my resume below

UX/UI designer Google Certificate
UX/UI designer UX land certificate
Bachelor of Human psychology and Law
Diploma in interior design
2022 - Present
UX Specialist
Transport Canada
UX Lead

I identified user and stakeholder needs through a needs analysis and addressed gaps in the market with a competitive analysis. My proposed design solutions were based on these findings and were rigorously tested to ensure they met stakeholder requirements.

Canada Post
UX Designer

I conducted usability testing on existing web pages, identified errors, proposed solutions, and added new features to improve the user experience and enhance security.

Government Annul Report
UX lead

I conducted a heuristic evaluation of last year's report, made recommendations, and designed a new page to improve the user experience and accessibility.

My Projects

A Collection of my favorites project I’ve designed recently. Feeling great while sharing here.

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